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Phone no:   +91 – 9972938052

  • Age: 22 Years
  • Statistics: 34 – 26 – 36
  • Height: 5′ 6″
  • Weight: 52 Kg
  • Eyes: Black
  • Skin: Soft & Tanned
  • Breasts: Natural Teenage perfect Shaped
  • Occupation: Fashion Designer
  • Languages Known: English, Hindi,

Welcome to my personal website!

I am Jenny Arora Private Elite Indian Courtesan, Bangalore Independent Escort for VIPS that seek a knockout date, with Privacy.

I am totally Independent and not affiliated with any Escort Agencies, so you will be dealing with me on a one on one basis at all times, without any complications.

There are a number of agencies dealing with escorts in Bangalore who demand only high profile or models only. VIP Escorts Bangalore is one of them Call 09972938052 for Female Escorts Bangalore, escorts agency. These escort services have different charges depending on the kind of women chosen. There is a particular escort agency in Bangalore that gives services not only to metropolitan cities in India but also in other cities as well. They can send their girls in any cities. This particular VIP Escort Bangalore employs those girls who come from a decent and very good background. They are educated and fluent in English. They are professionally trained to give their clients’ full satisfaction which they can never forget.

High profile Escorts Bangalore ranks first among the other agencies. They are beautiful, naughty and sexy who can fulfill all your wildest fantasies. Some of these high profile escort service is run by some beautiful women who give their mobile numbers in the internet sites so that they can talk directly to their clients, one on one.  They are very specific about their timings and rates. They also employ pretty, young air hostesses. Some of these high profile escorts are being run for a decade now. Earlier it used to be discreet but nowadays escort services are very popular. They provide both north Indian and south Indian girls from 18-50 years of age. Nowadays advertisements about escort services are seen in magazines and newspapers especially the high profile escorts.  Since Bangalore has become a hub of electronics and economic activities, escort services also high in demand. The independent female escorts can give company both indoors and outdoor. They can spice up the boring and frustrated lives of men who are lonely and abandoned by their loved ones. Technology has changed our lives and made it more comfortable. Hence we can get anything just by clicking mouse or by giving a phone call. It is the same in case of escort services in Bangalore.   They provide clients from every walk of life. Escorts here can fill you with surprise and fulfill your darkest desire by their sexy, naughty attitude. They make you feel recharged after your daily tiring work.

VIP escorts Mumbai and High Profile escorts Bangalore provide services to men of all ages from 18-60. Even if one is going to Bangalore or Mumbai alone for a few days of work, there will be no place of loneliness if one contacts the Independent Escort Bangalore or Mumbai Escort services. They will give you memorable moments such that it will become difficult for you to forget her. You can also have chat sessions if you are not up for having sex. If you want to make you ex girlfriends jealous then Bangalore escort service or escorts in Mumbai is your best option.

These escorts in Bangalore or Bangalore take you away with them in a fantasy world where the most hideous and buried sexual desires that you nurture will be satisfied. The blue world comes alive as you bathe in the red light of lust and greed. They keep you entertained till you reach the ecstatic state and are completely satisfied. These beauties are waiting for you with their arms open, so get ready and run into their embrace. Live some of the most memorable moments of your life.


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Escorts Service in Bangalore, Bangalore Escort Services -

The only method of payment we accept is cash, and this is to be dealt with at the beginning of the meeting, so you can forget about it and have fun.

Time spent 

1 – 2 Hours: Rupees. 20,000/- USD 400 (One Session)

4 – 5 Hours: Rupees. 30,000/- USD 600 (Two Sessions)

Over Night: Rupees. 40,000/- USD 800

People do get quite used to things and other human beings if they stay with them for a long period of time. Be it materialistic things or relations. The newer their date of possession, the better they remain. With time, while the materialistic things lose their utility the relations become more of a responsibility or even a liability. There is always that love and security in the relations but still that excitement lacks. This happens very often in couples in their mid-life, that is, during the age group of 40-55 years. Especially for men they are quite strong. This might be because they have more opportunities to express their feelings, in this male-dominated society. The escorts in Bangalore or the Bangalore Escort Services give them these opportunities.

Yes, these escorts in Bangalore and Bangalore represent a considerable section of a large society that operates throughout India. The escort service has a huge demand in the market and is a flourishing economy. It has contributed to a vast job creation which has apparently decreased unemployment by a little but significant amount. It has made girls independent and self-sufficient.

Bangalore Escorts is a city that does not sleep. There is work going on at each and every hour of the day and the night. People from various walks of life and even from different parts of India, as well as abroad, come and throng the city. It is a place which gives work to a large number of the population. Bangalore is a dream city which cajoles you into its urban illusions. And one of its illusions is the escorts in Bangalore. The escorts in Bangalore are beautiful and attractive girls who earn their livelihood by giving you aphrodisiac pleasures. They serve your physical needs and help you release your depressions and tensions by driving you in an ecstatic ride. These girls are specially trained individuals who satisfy all your carnal wants. Are you in Bangalore on a business trip? Are you away from your family? Want to have the company of women at any cost? This about Bangalore Escort Do not sulk. Just take up the daily newspaper and you will have your solution.

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Phone no:   +91 – 9972938052


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Make your Wild Fantasies Come Alive in Bangalore and Bangalore

Bored with the normal monotonous rhythm of your life? Are you under pressure from the tremendous work load? Cannot afford to spare time to go on a vacation? Do not worry at all. You can continue your normal life yet add that extra zing, that extra spice to your life. Yes you read it right. If you are ready to experience that fantasy then here are the things that will surely make your life a pleasurable ride. What can be more pleasurable for a man than the company of the fairer sex? And when they are ready to be used in whatever ways you like, that’s all a man could ask for. This is exactly the way how escorts in Bangalore and similarly escorts in Bangalore work.

It is very often that you have to visit metros like Bangalore and Bangalore for hectic business meetings. Well, no matter how weary you are a business deal is all so important. You surely cannot give that a miss. But once you are done with the day’s work, then what to do? You definitely have the desire to spend some very memorable and relaxing time at the end of the day. It is for satisfying these sudden cravings that agencies like Bangalore Escorts and Bangalore Escorts work. Yes you can hire escorts in Bangalore or escorts in Bangalore to make your otherwise monotonous trips to colorful ones. Rejuvenate and recharge your power and naughtiness at the hands of these lovely female and young girls.

Bangalore is known as the garden city of India. Living up to its name, the Bangalore Escort Service does provide you with the fresh and beautiful girls who surely know how to tantalize your wild dreams. Bangalore having developed rapidly over the years has grown into one of the largest IT hubs and industrial depots of the country. Men from all walks of life visit this place. Its lively and an enjoyable city to be in. And to make your stay more memorable you can opt for the services of High Profile Escorts Bangalore, VIP Escorts Bangalore, or Female Escorts Bangalore at any time of the day. Sudden urges to satiate your carnal feelings can be fulfilled by one call into any of these escort agencies. They offer you independent, professional girl who are available 24*7 at your service. The escorts in Bangalore are also available for various parties and bachelor nights. They are trained with the latest techniques and equipments that will provide you ultimate satisfaction. Once you enjoy their service you would wait eagerly for the next time. The Independent Escorts Bangalore boasts of very refined collections of independent girls and offers you a number of options depending on shape, size, experience, technique, nationality and race. As you look more into it they have more varieties for you to choose from. These agencies have tie-ups with one of the most famous 5 star hotels as well as the 3 star ones. You can choose according to your budget. They provide you with the best private suites where you can attain maximum pleasure. The rates for these girls are quite reasonable. Though, the high profile ones and even some models could charge you a bit high. But then again the quantity and quality of pleasure that they provide is obviously also very unique. This profession maintains complete secrecy and as such there is a large variety in the type of clients they serve. Age does not actually matter as no one is there to find out your identity. Clients vary from the middle class to the high society people. As long as you can cough up the sum of money required you are most welcome. Given all these options you are sure to enjoy your stay at Bangalore more and would wait to come back to this place again and again.

Now, is it only Bangalore that offers you such adult pleasures? The truth is, no. Most of the big cities and metros are throbbing with escorts, ready at your service. So now we are going to see what Bangalore has to offer us. Bangalore is known as the “city that never sleeps” and the busiest city in India. So if you are not sleeping then what are you up to? Yes you guess it right, who needs to sleep when you have the pleasure of enjoying the company of the much renowned escorts in Bangalore. Bangalore has been the workplace for many. It has people from almost every nationality coming in search for job. Hence the Bangalore Escort Service has succeeded in stocking the beautiful girls from abroad along with the local and national ones.

So High Profile Escorts Bangalore is a great service provider to the foreign clients who often visit the city for business purposes. Are you tired of your long journey from the United States or any of the European Country or even from the Far East? Do you have a business meet tomorrow but dying to utilize tonight in the most adventurous way. No worries, just give your reception a call for the daily newspaper or you can even visit a nearby pub. Just casually scan the classifieds page and you will find the contact for agencies working with escorts in Bangalore. Choose from any of the service providers like Independent Escorts Bangalore, VIP Escorts Bangalore or Female Escorts Bangalore and you are in to make your night one of the most memorable nights ever. Often middle men are present in the local pubs who offer you with a large collection of profiles of the various escorts in Bangalore. You can choose the one you like. You are already missing your land and your people, maybe you should check the foreign lists and soon you would be lucky enough to get your girl from your land! The Independent Escorts Bangalore often has fresh girls who are student in college and universities and work at nights for the extra and lucrative income that they make. Female Escorts Bangalore offers you high profile, educated yet sultry and seductive hotties for your perfect bachelor’s party. Once you get their service you may become famous for the rest of your life among your colleagues and friends. These escorts in Bangalore will surely make you nights, and even days, wild and wet just like the ones which you have dreamed of till now.

These escorts in Bangalore or the escorts in Bangalore really turn your nights into sleepless ones in a good sense giving you all the pleasures of your life within hours. They make you forget all the tensions and miseries of your life. So are you in for fun? Just grab the phone and make the call. Be ready to engage into the ultimate pleasure life has to offer.


Escorts add spice to your life, this stands true not only for the rich and affluent but also for the middle-class and even poor. While it is true, the rich businessmen, professionals are stressed and feel the need to relive their work pressure and tensions resort to such services , it is equally true, the middle class and the poor and always in distress and need companion and emotional attachment and are always looking for such feelings to be satisfied. All the people look up-to various escort services, including independent escorts for help.  A recent survey has revealed a spike in the business of escort services in Bangalore as well as escort service in Bangalore.


Very often we see people travelling from one place to another for corporate meetings. It is seen that many middle aged people travel with their hired escorts with them. Some of these escorts are extremely high profile so they do not like going the house or apartments. Although they talk in a professional way but they are very secretive about their job.


There are a number of agencies that run escort services in Bangalore. They provide clients (both male and female) sometimes for adult services. The main purpose of these agencies is that they arrange a meeting between the clients and escorts. In some of the agencies clients are invited and given all sorts of comfort and then they are asked about their personal choice. Then accordingly they choose a suitable escort in Bangalore for their client. Sometimes the clients are also given an album to choose from. The agencies also reserve rooms for their clients in a three star or five star hotels.


Sometimes these agencies are approached by high profile Clients, hence the agencies has to keep their identities hidden. They are considered as important because whenever they arrive they always demand for a particular escort. Sometimes these clients ask the agencies to send the Bangalore escorts to their houses. The escorts are also given extra money for staying long hours.


Bangalore Escort service is known for its high profile escorts and hot models who work as an escort when there are no modeling assignments. There are many college students who are working as part time escorts so that they have enough money to complete their studies. There are many young girls who are extremely pretty but due to lack of employment have forced them to take up such a job. Some of them are compelled to do it. But when they are at it they do it with their entire mind. Some college girls ate turning into models as well. Some escorts live this job and want to stick to it as it has given her money luxury and whatever she had dreamt of.  Escort service in Bangalore has earned a very good name in the world of adult services. Not only are they good in massage and seduction they are also trained in the art of Kama sutra. Not only local residents of Bangalore but also people from other cities come to Bangalore for their services. It is also heard that foreigners when they visit Bangalore, also visit these agencies to hire Bangalore Escorts. They have also reported to have received the best pleasure of their lives.

There ar variety of agencies handling escorts in Bangalore WHO demand solely status or models solely. VIP Escorts Bangalore is one in all them. they need solely pretty trying girls. These escort services have completely different charges reckoning on the type of girls chosen. there’s a specific escort agency in Bangalore that provides services not solely to metropolitan cities in Asian country however additionally in different cities still. they will send their women in any cities. This specific VIP Escort Bangalore employs those women WHO come back from {a decent|an honest|a smart} and extremely good background. they’re educated and fluent in English. they’re professionally trained to provide their clients’ full satisfaction that they will always remember.

High profile Escorts Bangalore ranks 1st among the opposite agencies. they’re stunning, naughty and attractive WHO will fulfill all of your wildest fantasies. a number of these status escort service is go by some stunning girls WHO offer their mobile numbers within the websites in order that they will speak on to their shoppers, one on one. they’re terribly specific concerning their timings and rates. They additionally use pretty, young air hostesses. a number of these status escorts ar being endure a decade currently. Earlier it accustomed be discreet however these days escort services ar extremely popular. they supply each north Indian and south Indian women from 18-50 years archaic. these days advertisements concerning escort services ar seen in magazines and newspapers particularly the status escorts.  Since Bangalore has become a hub of physical science and economic activities, escort services additionally high in demand. The freelance feminine escorts will offer company each inside and out of doors. they will boost the boring and annoyed lives of men WHO ar lonely and abandoned by their wanted ones. Technology has modified our lives and created it softer. therefore we are able to get something simply by clicking mouse or by giving a call. it’s constant just in case of escort services in Bangalore. they supply shoppers from each walk of life. Escorts here will fill you with surprise and fulfill your darkest need by their attractive, naughty perspective. they create you are feeling recharged once your daily wearying work.

VIP escorts Bangalore and status escorts Bangalore offer services to men of all ages from 18-60. even though one goes to Bangalore or Bangalore alone for a number of days of labor, there’ll be no place of loneliness if one contacts the freelance Escort Bangalore or Bangalore Escort services. they’ll provide you with unforgettable moments specified it’ll become tough for you to forget her. you’ll be able to even have chat sessions if you’re not up for having sex. If you wish to create you ex girlfriends jealous then Bangalore escort service or escorts in Bangalore is your most suitable choice.

Key to the globe of Male Fantasy

In today’s agitated world it’s terribly rare that you simply get a chance to mollycoddle yourself. although the ladies will create your time to rejuvenate themselves by their occasional visit to parlors and spas, the lads spent most of the time operating exhausting. They work like animals to earn a lot of and a lot of so as to meet their families materialistic desires. therefore ar you one in all them? are you able to relate to them easily? If affirmative then turn over. What ar you earning such a lot cash for? Don’t you have got any right to possess some reasonably pleasure and excitement in your life? If affirmative, then you ought to follow this text to search out the key to happiness. If {you ar|you’re} in metros like Bangalore or Bangalore then all you wish to search out are the escorts in Bangalore or escorts in Bangalore.  These ar the women WHO ar there to provide human race that terribly pleasure and excitement that’s long gone from his life as a result of his torturously painful work.

Bangalore is that the business central of Asian country. Throbbing with life and shove with activity Bangalore may be a town of illusions. The illusions ar taken to its peak with the assistance of agencies like Bangalore Escort Service and VIP Escort Bangalore. These agencies have the proper provide for all the busy and tired men WHO ar tired of something with their routine lives and frantically hunt for some type of excitement to spice them up. Bangalore features a immense range of night clubs for individuals to hold out late until night. If you’re on a business trip or have keep company with your gang of buddies for a explosive vacation, these ar the places to hit. you’d terribly simply notice agents and middlemen WHO would be serving to you to urge that excellent woman WHO ar freelance and delightful and would assist you get the last word pleasure of your life. The agents can show variety of server profiles and you’ll be able to opt for the one you wish. And if you wish to be a trifle naughtier you’ll be able to positively prefer over one. therefore in an exceedingly word you r lust would be sated in each attainable manner. currently it’s going to be a state of affairs wherever you are doing not need to travel pubbing. Then wherever does one get these contacts from? Well simply acquire of any daily newspaper and browse the classifieds. There you’ll notice dozens of articles bearing on ‘full body massage and parlors with complete satisfaction’. These ar precisely what you’re probing for. feminine Escorts Bangalore, status Escorts Bangalore and VIP Escorts Bangalore typically publish their advertisements during this manner. they provide you with contemporary stunning women WHO tend to any or all your desires. you’re allowed to try to to no matter you wish with them however they’re unremarkably out there in hourly basis and also the rate will increase with the rise within the pleasure.

These escorts in Bangalore embrace models and students WHO have come back to Bangalore for earning cash besides their education. however the issue is that, the Bangalore escort service maintains complete secrecy with the shoppers then there’s no chance of your identity being leaked to the outer world. Your naughty very little secrets can invariably be unbroken covert. These status women from status Escorts Bangalore do fit your style and preferences and no manner ar they low-cost in their behaviour. They maintain themselves in an exceedingly smart manner and invariably like better to play it safe. Thus, although you’ll be aroused such a lot in order that you dump safety however they might prompt you at the terribly moment. This doesn’t the least bit reduce your pleasure instead you’ll be able to have the pleasure of your life with none aspect effects.

Similarly escorts in Bangalore also are out there. Bangalore is that the IT hub of the country. Lakhs and Lakhs of men ar visiting this place for business and skilled purpose. ar you faraway from your family for a protracted time? does one miss that excitement at nights? don’t be down. You don’t got to be depressed once the escorts in Bangalore ar there to assist you out.  The Bangalore Escort Service, freelance Escort Bangalore and VIP Escort Bangalore ar the proper place to urge served from. need to satisfy your carnal hunger terribly badly. now not does one got to tend your needs on your own once you have the proper company. The siren and also the beautiful models and status women, WHO work as escorts in Bangalore, can take you to it terribly fairyland that you have got unreal until date. In their kinky garments and husky resurgent tones they’ll lure you into the Garden of Eden and find you prepared for that special treatment. they’ll lure you to the apple orchards and there you’re allowed to try to to no matter you are feeling like at that moment. however don’t be afraid as a result of the snake of sin, that is during this case, the worry of obtaining discovered, doesn’t inhabit this place. Complete secrecy and privacy is maintained within these love dens that are unremarkable in the special suites of the three star hotels. typically even the five star hotels also are out there if you’re prepared for the additional greenbacks.

These escorts in Bangalore ar trained in numerous languages in order that if you wish these women to scream and shout in your language well they’ll do precisely that to provide you supplementary joy. however once more you usually have the choice of selecting a woman happiness to your region. If you’re a foreigner during this Indian town, then don’t lose hope you’ll be able to acquire of a woman from your status still. Survey will reveal that variety of women from completely different countries ar returning to Asian country and change of integrity during this profession. It being a extremely paid and tight lipped profession, women ar pronto choosing it. These escorts in Bangalore or maybe the escorts in Bangalore ar quite freelance and broadminded and acumen to satisfy their customers and so earn cash. The Bangalore Escort Service and also the Bangalore Escort Service ar invariably change their server stock with contemporary women so as to keep up hygiene and health.  This more ensures the actual fact that the women ar invariably rejuvenated and spirited to provide you the last word relaxation and pleasure.


Anjali Jha


Bangalore, in other words it is also known as Bombay and it is the capital city of one of the indian state Maharashtra. And also it is Second most populated metro city in india. It is one of the most populated urban regions from whole world. Due to this, there is always need of Escorts in Bangalore  and there are plenty of Escorts in Bangalore. There are two major types of escorts 1st is independent escorts in Bangalore and 2nd one is Escort agencies in Bangalore. You can contact and fix meetings with Independent Escorts in Bangalore by getting contact information about them from their websites as major of them have their own websites to contact her also with their rates. And in other hand, you can book any escort from Escort agencies in Bangalore they also have their own websites to contact them. You can select any of them and you can make your night the happiest night of yours ever as they knows very well that how to make any person feel happy and relaxed and also stress-free. The number of Escorts in Bangalore is continuisly increasing day by day. Following is one of the independent Escort in Bangalore you can pass your time with her.


Anjali jha is one of the Independent escort in Bangalore providing escort services in bangalore and giving pleasure to many persons who are in search of some fun and also pleasure with happiness in their life. As she has mentioned in her website that If you want a lady who can come everywhere with you, then she is the best lady for you. Whatever occasion is there like Some peaceful hours, theater trip, One full day, dinner and also out of town also. She will come with you anywhere or at any occasion with you. She is one of the high class escorts in Bangalore and also available for outcall escorts.


If you are in search of Independent Escort in Bangalore then your search is completes here! You can hire Anjali Jha who provides Escort Services in Bangalore and also she has beautiful and toned body which you can enjoy and also she is educated she has all knowledge and can also talk in english. She can be a best lady for you in today’s scheduled life or say Monotoneous life of yours. You can contact her by getting her contact information on internet as she has her personal website where is all information about her including her contact information and her body Stats. Enjoy her!

So why wait? simply rent one in all the escorts in Bangalore or associate degree escort in Bangalore and find hold of the key to unlock your abundant cherished fairyland.